embalm - em·balm (m-bäm)
tr.v. em·balmed, em·balm·ing, em·balms
1 : To treat (a corpse) with preservatives in order to prevent decay.
2 : To protect from change or oblivion; preserve or fix: “A precedent embalms a principle” (Benjamin Disraeli).
3 : To impart fragrance to; perfume: "Spicy aromas embalmed the air."

This website will focus on the first definition (what kind of person would say "That perfume with which she embalmed herself is really getting me going?!")

Visit the History section for a brief look into Egyptian embalming and the early history of modern embalming. Techniques details the entire embalming process. Photos provides pictures of some of the equipment and chemicals used in embalming. If you've got questions, have a click at FAQ. Tired of our site already? See the Links page for other websites related to embalming and the funeral industry. But before you go, please don't forget to sign our Guestbook.

Seems a little weird

I've always been a curious individual, wondering how things are made or done. I became interested in embalming mainly because of the mystery behind it. There's very little quality information about it on the web, and funeral directors are generally pretty quiet about the subject. It's something that will eventually be done to most of us, so why the big secret? So I set about to create an educational website to provide as complete of a view as possible of the modern science of embalming. If you've always wondered but were afraid to ask, this website is for you.This website is based on extensive research I've done on the embalming process, including viewing an embalming. I am NOT a licensed embalmer or funeral director.

If you have comments or questions about embalming, the website, etc, please email me at permaglo@hotmail.com

Finally, if you are grossed or weirded out easily, then why are you visiting a page about embalming? If you're not a wuss, then go ahead and click on one of the sections in the menu to the left.


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